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May 17

• A convenience store worker called police when they were unable to wake a man who had been sleeping in his car in the parking lot. Police banged on his window and door and couldn't wake him, but were able to finally rouse him after opening his unlocked door and shaking him. When he awoke, he asked the officer, "Who are you?" and the officer identified himself, to which the man said, "We're here now." Police said he was very confused, and couldn't remember his own last name. He tried to give the police his car keys and $17 when they asked to see his license. He failed field sobriety tests and blew a .240 blood alcohol content, three times the legal limit to drive.


• Police received a call about a domestic assault and investigated. The woman told police the two had been arguing and drinking and she had pushed the man and he slapped her on the top of the head. Police asked the woman if she was afraid of the man and she said no, they had been doing this for 10 years. Then police questioned the man separately. He told police the two had been arguing and drinking and she had pushed him and he slapped her on the top of the head. Police asked the man if he was afraid of the woman and he said no, they had been doing this for 10 years.

• A man went to the law enforcement center to report a robbery. He said he had come into town the day before around 8:30 a.m. and walked around the town, and took in two movies in the evening. Then he went to the Laundromat to watch TV, and fell asleep there. He said during the middle of the night, two men awakened him and demanded money. The man didn't seem sure if he had handed the money over or they had forcibly taken it, but then he said he went back to sleep there for a few hours. He said he didn't really remember anything. He woke up and went to have coffee, when he noticed the money missing. He then had coffee and read the newspaper for more than two hours, then went back to the Laundromat, then reported the crime. He didn't have any description of the two men.

May 19

• A woman reported a man who was recently released from jail had violated a no-contact order by contacting someone he shouldn't have through Facebook. He posted a message on her page that said, "Hey I'm out hit me up boo." Police were unsuccessful in immediately tracking down the man.

May 20

• A man called to report a relative of his landlord had caused a long scratch in his vehicle with a lawnmower. The officer photographed the vehicle, but advised the man it was a civil matter he would have to take up in court.

• A woman reported that because of a strong wind that day, a shopping cart from an adjacent business crashed into the side of her vehicle, causing damage.

• A landlord who was cleaning up after a renter who moved out discovered bones, deer hide and children's toys in the bottom of an oil-changing pit in the garage on the property. The landlord had also found a freezer with spoiled venison meat in it. The meat had thawed and a pool of blood was forming at the bottom of the freezer.

• Police were called when a "Jamaican-looking" man who seemed to be inebriated was making a lot of noise and being disruptive. His probation agent was called and he was given an alcohol breath test, which registered .217. He was held on a probation violation.