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May 22

• A caller asked for a welfare check on a friend who texted her saying he was suicidal. A deputy located the man and found him sitting on the tailgate of his truck. He said he was not suicidal, he just wanted a quiet place to go and visit with her. The man was advised about the consequences of his comments and told to use other means to arrange a meeting with her.

May 23

• A complainant alleged a neighbor was picking rocks and depositing them on his property. There was a civil case over the property line. The caller was informed the sheriff would not get involved with the disputed property line other than to keep the peace. The complainant was advised to photograph the rock dumping and send a picture to an attorney.

• A fight involving two men resulted in one being struck in the head. A deputy spoke with the men. Both declined to press charges.

• A caller witnessed a young girl crying outside for 10 minutes. She then alleged the mother came out and dragged the child back into the house by her head.

• Tri County Health reported having a female in the emergency room who was assaulted by her boyfriend. The female said her boyfriend took a knife and rubbed the dull end of the knife across her neck.

May 24

• An intoxicated driver was stopped on County Road 4 after nearly hitting threes vehicles and one motorcyle. The driver claimed to be fatigued but performed tests poorly and had more balance. The officer told the driver he was not going to drive anymore. The man went to turn his vehicle off but put it into gear. The car began to roll down the road and the driver was knocked to the ground. The deputy was able to get the vehicle stopped. The driver refused transport by a Tri-County ambulance. He was given a ride to his home in Staples. The driver's son was not happy and was informed of the incident.

• The theft of a puppy and trespassing was reported.

• A K-9 unit was requested to track two juvenile males who had fled on foot. One of the juveniles had a body only warrant out for his arrest in Todd County. They were tracked to an abandoned trailer house. The track was picked up again but was lost at a creek.

May 25

• Three juvenile girls were reported missing in Sebeka but were later located by parents.

• A black and white collie named "Lassie" was found at the Greenwood Apartments.

May 26

• A complainant alleged a female threw a crock pot at him and he wanted her to leave. The female had left by the time a deputy arrived. Photos were taken of the crock pot.

May 27

• A fisherman reported finding some human-looking bone near the Crow Wing River. Two deputies investigated, photos were taken. Scene was secured. It was believed the bones were animal remains.

• A woman reported her 17-year-old son attacked her. She went to a hospital in St. Cloud with a bruised arm. An attempt to locate the teenager was made.

• A man reported seeing about 10 people carrying his shed, which contained tools, down the road. Police spoke with the complainant's significant other and she said they were going to see a doctor.

• Wadena Hide and Fur requested law enforcement assistance with two men who brought scrap metal from Park Rapids. The boss of one of the men said there was an ownership issue.

• A 17-year-old female runaway was located after going for a walk in a swamp.

May 28

• A caller complained that an aggressive dog in the neighborhood attacked him and his wife while they were out walking. He was advised to arm himself with a can of mace. The man wanted law enforcement to handle the situation but he was informed they could not because the county does not have a dog ordinance.

• Tri-County Health reported a man came into the emergency room and made a threat to the receptionist about coming back to shoot the place up. The man is seeing a TCH doctor for an ear issue. A welfare check on the man was requested.

• A woman asked to speak with an officer in reference to her name being "used on the street."

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.