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Police scanner 1/23

Jan. 10

• Police stopped a young woman who was walking along the highway in the dark wearing dark clothing. The officer offered her a ride, but she stated she preferred to walk. The officer insisted in driving her into town and dropped her off at the roller rink. The officer told her not to walk on busy roads in bad weather again.

Jan. 11

• A woman reported a man grabbed a bag of groceries out of her car in the grocery store parking lot. He left footprints on the front seat of her car. Grocery store workers did not see anyone. The items believe to be stolen were light bulbs and fish food.

Jan. 13

• A man reported that a woman hit him in the face and split his lip. When he tried to call 911, she came at him again, so he hung up. He told police he just wanted to be left alone and did not want to press charges. The woman said she would leave him alone and that she now knew who not to borrow money to.

• A caller reported that his neighbors were texting his wife about their family riding snowmobiles on the neighbor's property. He said this has been an ongoing issue. The caller was advised not to have contact with the neighbor and not to ride his snowmobile near his neighbor's property.

Jan. 15

• A woman stated that someone had stolen her credit card out of her mailbox. She spoke with the credit card company who said there had been some suspicious charges. The card was cancelled and the credit card company is investigating.

• A woman called stating that she woke up to an awful lingering smell. Police spoke with the tenant below her apartment who sprayed a body cologne which had a very strong odor that was wafting up to her apartment.

• Police received a call about a loose dog running around Tapley Park. Police were unable to locate the phantom dog.

Jan. 16

• A caller reported receiving a scam phone call from an individual who promised prizes after she gave her checking account information. She did not give out her information and when she called the number back, the number was disconnected.

• A woman called police stating that her sister was being threatened by her niece's boyfriend, who said he was going to burn her house down. Police spoke with the sister, who said she had not received the threats directly, but heard about them through the caller.