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Police scanner 12/19

Dec. 5

• A woman reported hearing a porch door banging and people talking in her garage. A suspect was found in the garage and arrested.

Dec. 6

• A 911 caller hung up twice. Law enforcement spoke with the owner of the residence, who stated his children had been fighting and called 911. The children were told to get along.

Dec. 7

• A caller reported his mother's room at Fair Oaks Lodge was freezing and she had no heat. An officer spoke with staff at Fair Oaks who stated the woman's room was just as warm as the rest of the rooms.

• A woman involved in a crash claimed her brake line froze and that she slid into the outside frame of a garage door causing moderate damage to the garage. She stated she would contact her landlord and let him know of the incident.

Dec. 8

• A man reported a sign on his property had been damaged, which he noticed the day prior. The caller reported the damage looked to be from a front end loader. The caller's wife stated she saw a snowplow turn around in the driveway, but did not know who the snowplow belonged to.

• A caller reported a person he knew broke into his house in Sebeka and stole two laptop computers. The alleged thief was last seen in town in the company of a female. No forced entry was noted at the residence and the back door was not locked. The caller reported being home at the time the laptops were stolen.

• A woman reported her boyfriend left their residence upset, shut his phone off and left his medication behind. Police located the boyfriend at the emergency room. He was safe and speaking with a doctor. The woman was advised that her boyfriend was ok.

Dec. 9

• A woman requested a welfare check on a homeowner whose home needed electrical repairs. The caller asked how to persuade the homeowner to repair the electrical line to his home that was allegedly damaged by a Coke semi-truck two months ago.

• A caller reported a back door of a home was wide open for an hour with no one home. Police closed the door so the homeowner's dogs did not escape and spoke with the homeowner, who stated she would be going home to check that nothing was missing. There was no sign of forced entry into the home.

• A woman complained her neighbor was at her door in distress about going to the emergency room in Park Rapids. Police spoke with the neighbor, who cut her hand and told police she wasn't allowed at the Tri-County emergency room because of a prior incident. An ambulance was dispatched to take the woman to the Park Rapids ER. The woman requested funds for a taxi back to Wadena. The caller stated she told the woman not to knock on her door any more that night.

Dec. 10

• A mailman ran into a parked vehicle in rural Wadena, it was reported. The mailman left insurance and contact information in the mailbox. No one was home at the residence at the time of the accident.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.