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Pirates eke out a win against the Huskies

Jordyn Glenz was the Pirates' leading scorer with 20 game points Dec. 10 as Verndale Pirates edged Pillager 57-54.

The Verndale standout dropped in eight of her field goals and made half of her free throw attempts.

Also scoring in double figures for the Pirates was Shania Glenz with 14 points. The Pirates shot just 40 percent from the field while the Huskies shot at a 51 percent clip.

Shania Glenz and Krista each earned 7 of the Pirates' 33 rebounds. The Huskies picked up 26 rebounds.

Individual player stats for Pillager were not available at press time.


J. Glenz 19, S. Glenz 14, E. Kern 9, C. Wright 5, J. Schwanke 4, S. Moenkedick 3, K. Dailey 2. Totals: 18/3 12-24 57


Totals: 21/1 9-14 54

The Pirates edged out the Braves Friday in Menahga with a final score of 42-36.

Jordyn Glenze once again led the lady cagers with 16 points. Elyssa Kern also put up double digits, scoring 11 points for the Pirates. Menahga's Savannah Kako was the Braves' top scorer with nine total points.

Both teams were fairly evenly matched, with Verndale shooting 27 percent from the field and Menahga shooting 33 percent. The Braves picked up 31 rebounds while the Pirates picked up 24 rebounds.


J. Glenz 16, Kern 11, Moenkedick 5, S. Glenz 5, Dailey 3, Schwanke 2

Totals: 14/0 14-26 42


Kako 9, Allebach 6, Skoog 6, Lake 4, Stifter 4, Kuismi 3, Anderson 2, Peterson 2

Totals: 10/4 4-9 36