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Pioneer Journal is Wadena County's Oldest Business Institution --EMDASH-- Part Two

Lina Belar, Wadena County Historical Society

In the course of its long life the Pioneer Journal has absorbed no less than four other newspaper which have from time to time been published in the Wadena area. The first was the Wadena Tribune, established in 1885 by Ed. H Love, who founded the Perham Enterprise. Mr. Love took as a partner, A.C. Archer of Crookston, but he soon bought out Mr. Archer and then took in a man named Grigg for a short time.

In June of 1885 the Tribune was sold to M.L. Vought who ran it until his death a few years afterward. Following his death, the Tribune was not published for a year or so but the plant remained in Wadena and in 1891, H.T. Bivans bought it and revived the newspaper. Two years later he sold the Tribune to W. J. Swindlehurst who took as a partner his brother, A.G. Swindlehurst. In 1902, the Swindlehurst Brothers sold the Tribune to W. E. Verity who three years later sold the paper to Mr. Eastman. At that point, it was consolidated with the Pioneer Journal and the Tribune ceased to exist.

In 1893, A.S. McMillan who founded the Verndale Journal back in 1879, moved his paper to Wadena, changed its name to the Wadena Journal and for a time this village had three newspapers. Mr. McMillan disposed of his Wadena Journal to Mr. Eastman in 1897 and thus another newspaper was absorbed by the Pioneer Journal.

A new century dawned and in 1910, W.M. Wigham and others established the Wadena News, conducting a poultry journal in connection with the newspaper. This newspaper and printing establishment were absorbed by the Pioneer Journal under Mr. Verity in 1913.

Still another newspaper sprang into being when a stock company was formed in 1917 and the Wadena News appeared once more. This venture lived for a number of years but finally, on October 1, 1916, it too was absorbed by the Pioneer Journal.

From the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of the Wadena Pioneer Journal, December 15, 1927. Compiled by Robert C. Zosel. Lina Belar is the interim executive director of the Wadena County Historical Society.