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Nancy Lorretta

Nancy Lorretta


Nancy Lorretta Pfeffer, 54, of Wadena died Friday, Jan. 10 at St. Francis Health Care Campus in Breckenridge, Minn. The funeral was held Monday, Jan. 13 at Grace Lutheran Church in Breckenridge. Pastor Ryan Drevlow will be officiating. The interment will be at Riverside Cemetery in Breckenridge.

Nancy was born on Mar. 14, 1959 to Allen and Lorretta (Priebe) Pfeffer in Bertha. Due to difficulties at birth, she was left mentally handicapped. She lived with her parents and siblings on the family farm in rural Bertha during the first 14 years of her life. Because of her handicap, she was slow to develop the motor skills needed for basic self-care. In January of 1969, Nancy was placed in the Brainerd State Hospital where she remained for six months learning the skills needed for very basic care. Nancy returned to the family farm. Then on Nov. 8, 1973, Nancy again became a resident of the Brainerd State Hospital where she underwent physical therapy, received skilled medical care, and an education. While there, she made a very special friend, Terri. Nancy entertained Terri by rolling her around in her wheelchair. In 1987, Nancys care was transferred to the Oakridge Group Home in Wadena. It was there that she was reunited with her friend, Terri, and joined her younger brother, Larry, who were both residents at Oakridge.

Nancy formed many special relationships living at Oakridge and working at the DAC in Sebeka. She truly enjoyed her work at the DAC, working five days a week with wonderful people. At Oakridge, she was surrounded by a dedicated and loving staff, caring for her needs right up until she entered the hospital on Dec. 20. Nancy had suffered a grand mal seizure and contracted pneumonia. She was first hospitalized in St. Cloud then transferred to St. Francis Health Care Campus.

Nancy is survived by her parents, Allen and Lorretta Pfeffer of Breckenridge; her brothers, Duane Pfeffer of Moorhead, Bruce Pfeffer of Breckenridge, and Larry Pfeffer of Wadena; her sisters, Lori (John) Marchand of Moorhead, and Diane Pfeffer of Fargo; four nephews, Joel Luke, Micah, and Aaron Marchand; two nieces, Rachel Marchand of Moorhead, and Shariden Pfeffer of Breckenridge.

Nancy is preceded in death by her grandparents, Joseph and Alma (Kittelson) Pfeffer and Herman and Evelyn (Anderson) Priebe.