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Musky visits presidents carved in stone

opinion Wadena,Minnesota 56482
Wadena PJ
Musky visits presidents carved in stone
Wadena Minnesota 314 S. Jefferson 56482

Dear humans,

Sorry for not writing sooner, but I have been through a two-month ordeal. Last you heard from me, I was having a great time in Cancun, Mexico.

One day while sunning at the beach, a huge net came down on me. I was tossed into a box, taken somewhere and placed into a cage. Not knowing the language, I discovered from the other critters there, that I was being quarantined for something called M1R1, otherwise known as Muskrat Flu.

I survived for several weeks in the cold, dark cage. Showing no symptoms of Muskrat Flu, I was released.

But while making my way back to the beach, I was stopped and was asked to see my muskrat passport. Not having it with me, I was accused of being an illegal muskrat, and was deported back to the U.S.

It's a long story, but I happened to end up somewhere called South Dakota.

Today while wandering through some hills that were black, I came upon a bunch of humans gawking upward. I looked up and saw a mountain that had four huge human faces near the top. Yikes, do they eat muskrats, I thought.

But their lips did not move and their eyes did not blink. In fact, they looked stone-faced, staring over the humans below. I wondered, were they idols that the humans were worshiping?

I watched for a while and then decided to move along. Think I will head west.

'Till next time,

Musky the Muskrat

Mount Rushmore, S.D.