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The Miracle on King Avenue

Chuck and Mary Richards and their dog, Cocoa, have a remarkable tree in their front yard at 302 King Avenue.
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The Miracle on King Avenue
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Chuck Richards was clowning around Monday when he called Mike Pete of Pete's Nursery to "complain" about a Hazen apple tree he had bought.

"Hey Mike, that apple tree you sold me doesn't have any apples," Richards groused.

Tuesday morning the retired Wadena-Deer Creek teacher got up and found that the young tree had miraculously sprouted fruit -- and vegetables -- overnight.

The "Miracle on King Avenue" was quickly explained. Pete had made a secret Monday night trip to 302 King Avenue and while the Richards were watching the Twins-Tigers game on television, he wired a potato, a banana, an onion, an apple, a cucumber, an orange and a poblano pepper on the branches of the fledgling apple tree.

"I'm going to leave them on for awhile because it's a good conversation piece," Richards laughed.

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