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Mini barn raising

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News Wadena,Minnesota 56482
Wadena PJ
Mini barn raising
Wadena Minnesota 314 S. Jefferson 56482

Richard Muckala's Small Building Construction class constructed three 8-by-12-foot storage sheds this spring. Students first learned how to use power tools such as reciprocating, table and portable circular saws properly. Each student must pass a safety exam before using the power tool. Students studied framing and roofing construction, along with figuring a bill of materials. During the construction of the buildings, students used screws and nailing to assemble the sheds from a plan. During the last two weeks of school, the students shingled and primed the buildings. Mike Holzer co-taught the Small Building Class and assisted in the construction of the buildings. Two of the buildings are for sale. For further information, contact Richard Muckala at (218) 632-2150, ext. 221 or (218) 385-2563.