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Lyle Joseph McBride

Lyle Joseph McBride

Lyle Joseph McBride, 85, passed away July 5 in Anaheim, Calif.

Lyle was born June 16, 1929 in Wadena. He spent many years in Japan, where he worked with the Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper as Circulation Manager. After transferring to Bangkok, Thailand where he continued his work, he later returned to the United States in 1970 with his wife and children. He began working in the Drivers Education and Training business until his retirement. He was an avid traveler and enjoyed meeting people from all backgrounds - his interest in different cultures remained throughout his life. His natural openness and curiosity of all peoples is a legacy passed onto his children.

According to his wishes, there will be no formal funeral service, apart from gathering with immediate family. His one wish was to be able to travel freely between Japan and the US, which will be ensured when the family scatters his ashes in the Pacific Ocean.

He is survived by his wife Chieko, son Michael, daughter Michelle and grandson Sean.