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Local Author writes Vietnam 365 Days

Art Haman served in Vietnam for one year.

Art Haman was a student at New York Mills where he played some football, worked for Merickel Lumber, was drafted, and worked for the phone company for 37.5 years, married, and has children. Life moved on as we all do. But 40 some years ago when drafted into the Army, his life changed in a flash.

Art Haman began writing a book five years ago about his tour in Vietnam. It was a subject that was talked about little and had been buried for over 40 years. He wanted his children to know what he went through while spending a year in Vietnam from April 1966-April 1967 at the age of 20 years old.

The writing was slow, bringing back memories that had not been thought about and he wasn't so sure he wanted to bring them to the surface. Telling his story was not possible so he wrote during the winter days after his retirement. As he wrote, the stories, the memories, the activities began to come back, sometimes more clearly than he was prepared for. Finally, about three months into writing he asked his wife, Bev, to help with the proofing, spelling, and organizing the words into chapters. Art wrote during the day and he and his wife teamed up at the computer at night putting thoughts into book form. It took approximately three years to complete.

Two more years went by and Art was not sure what to do now that the words were on paper. Finally he found Brian at Amity Graphics in Bemidji. Brian was the best thing that happened to the Hamans. He had great ideas for covers, so supportive and always positive, so excited to be able to be the printer for a book about Vietnam, and a great asset to our completing and having Vietnam 365 Days printed.

The tour in Vietnam was Art's life for a year but it was also the life of many more young men drafted into the Armed Services. Men were being drafted to serve. People at home never really think about what goes on in a war. Art has given his memories a voice, the exact time, exact place is not of great importance and memories are just that, what a person remembers. This is the story of what Art can remember, what his life was as an armored combat infantry soldier.

Art will have his book on sale from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Dec. 27 at the New York Mills Senior Citizens Center, 12 Walker Avenue N. Stop by, get a signed book, and love to visit with some old friends and acquaintances. Books can also be purchased at,, and Kat's Book Nook in Bemidji.