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Living History: County's oldest resident will be 102 April 9

15 years ago

Excerpts from the March 25, 1999 Pioneer Journal

• First guests check in at Wadena Humane Society shelter

They're a bit ahead of schedule, but the Wadena Humane Society shelter has its first guests.

Nine dogs arrived from Otter Tail County on Friday and were placed in the runs.

Though the building isn't completed and volunteers had planned to paint a second coat, need overcame interior design.

Carol Schraaf, Otter Tail County's Humane Society director, called the shelter volunteers for assistance. The society had obtained 12 dogs and the OT shelter, which can handle 45 to 50 animals, was full.

The Wadena society volunteers agreed to take nine of the dogs. It's common for shelters to help each other out, Schraaf said, and Otter Tail has helped Wadena out in the past.

30 years ago

Excerpts from the March 27, 1984 Pioneer Journal

• Council asks for changes in city library plans

Wadena city councilmen asked for changes in the plans and specifications for the construction of the new library during a special meeting with the engineer and members of the library board Tuesday.

The engineer submitted information on various ways of heating the library including estimated cost of installation, operation and pay back period for the various heating systems.

The council asked that plans be revised from a natural gas system to a propane system with off-peak electric coils in the furnace. It was also recommended that a four-inch PVC conduit from the alley to the library be provided for possible future installation of natural gas. It was also agreed that plans be revised to provide for three-phase electric service.

45 years ago

Excerpts from the March 27, 1969 Pioneer Journal

• County's oldest resident will be 102 April 9

Jason Allyn, who resides with his son-in-law and daughter in Sebeka, will be 102 years old April 9.

He has resided with the Harold Huntingtons of rural Sebeka for the past eight years. He is the county's oldest resident.

Born to parents Henry and Elizabeth Allyn on April 9, 1867, he worked on farms his entire life. This hardy Minnesota native helped grub hardwood stumps and cleared the land in the early years of Lake Miltona, located near Alexandria.

Though Allyn is confined to sitting in a wheelchair for a few moments each day, he is able to converse with his relatives. Until about a year ago, Allyn was about the house and enjoyed the company of the family dog.

Allyn has three daughters and three sons.

The PJ extends him a hearty happy birthday.

70 years ago

Excerpts from the March 23, 1944 Pioneer Journal

• Superior tells of Elmer Goche's death

Mr. and Mrs. N.J. Goche of Wadena were notified several months ago that their son Elmer made the supreme sacrifice in service of his country, but just recently received firsthand information from their late son's superior officer, who spoke of his last hours.

The officer first of all praised young Goche, who while but 18 years of age, was already a valued fighting man in the Navy, and then told of the young man's death. It was while attending his searchlight station that death first began its work upon him.

He was badly wounded in the leg by a flying piece of a loading machine which had been struck by a shell. They took him below and gave him first aid and placed him with other men in the electrical room, which was later struck by a direct hit, killing all occupants.

"Your son was a courageous boy, who did a man's job and died bravely for his country," concluded the letter.