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Living Hisotry: Large crowd views 1954 Pontiac at Zosel Implement

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 25, 2003 Pioneer Journal

• Officer involved in Dec. 9 shooting returns to duty.

A Wadena police officer involved in a shooting on Dec. 9 returned to active duty. Investigation results haven't come back from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Wadena Police Sgt. Tom Crawford returned to active duty 10 days after he was involved in a shooting incident.

Kenneth Lloyd Lessley, 43, was shot by Crawford after Lessley aimed his gun at officers early Dec. 9. Lessley had been told repeatedly to drop his weapon before he aimed at the officers. He died at a Fargo hospital after surgery Dec. 9.

Crawford was placed on administrative duty last week. During that time he was working in the police station but was not in uniform and could not go out on calls.

Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr said at the time of the shooting, investigators had determined that officers took no unreasonable actions in the incident.

20 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 23 , 1993 Pioneer Journal

• Staples gas prices plummet

Staples gasoline priced dropped as low as $1.03.09 per gallon last week, continuing a steady trend down from $1.20.09 on Oct. 20. LeRoy Hamlot, owner of the ICO Southtown Station said he would like to see prices fall to $0.99.9 per gallon by Christmas.

"A dollar a gallon would put everyone in a lot better mood," he said.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis has reported that some Twin Cities stations were offering gass at $0.99.9 cents per gallon. The American Automobile Association (AAA) lists the current national average for regular unleaded at $1.11.6 in November.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 27, 1973 Pioneer Journal

• Snow dumped on roads, peril to motorists

Shoveling snow from your sidewalk or driveway onto a public road can get you into a lot of trouble.

The Minnesota Highway Department, citing Minnesota Statute 160.27, subdivision 5, Minnesota Laws of 1959, chapter 300, advises that shoveling snow from sidewalks and driveways onto public roads, including streets, may be punishable as a misdemeanor.

Snow dumped onto a roadway creates a real hazard for the motorist, whose evasive action or momentary loss of control can result in a multi-car accident with serious consequences for all concerned. Because the practice is illegal to begin with, the perpetrator - as the prime cause of any accident - may also find himself faced with civil liability lawsuits.

In some parts of the state snow pushed onto a highway gives rise to the formation of snowdrifts, whose potential for causing accidents may be even greater. Even heavy snowplows are said to have been damaged in hitting compacted and frozen snow so deposited on highways.

In appraising Minnesotans of possible consequences of this practice, the Minnesota Highway Department urges them, as good neighbors and motorists themselves, not to add to the hazards of wintertime driving in this way.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec.24, 1953 Pioneer Journal

• Large crowd views 1954 Pontiac at Zosel Implement

It was a hungry group of interested folks who stopped in at the Lee Zosel Implement showrooms last Friday to view the new line of 1954 Pontiacs. Free coffee and doughnuts were served while the folks looked over the new model car which is eleven inches longer overall, has a two-inch longer wheelbase, a more powerful eight-cylinder engine with stepped up horsepower and new interior offerings.

They also note optional accessories, such as power brakes, comfort control front seats with tilt-or-raise feature, electric windows lifts for the front doors, instrument panel safety cushion and improved power steering.

While they viewed the car, the guests consumed 52 dozen doughnuts and in excess of 10 gallons of coffee.

70 years ago

Excerpts from the Dec. 23, 1943 Pioneer Journal

• Sweden questions German arrests

The newest trend in the war of nerves between Sweden and Germany growing out of the arrest by Germany of Norwegian University students to be deported to work in German war industries.

Right at this time tension fills the air and it would not surprise many observers if diplomatic relations were broken off soon between the two countries. Sweden has protested to the German government but the latest reports state that no answer has been received and Swedish government spokesmen have made it plain that they will not let the matter rest.