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Keeping MN and Wadena Ready

Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 21 – 25, 2014.

State wide tornado drills are scheduled for April 24th at 1:45 pm  AND  again at 6:55 pm the same day.  You will hear the sirens at both those times. 

Practice the tornado drill at these specified times, you are more than likely going to be at a different place from one drill time to the other.

This year’s focus is WHAT IF…?  You are encouraged to think about these things no matter where you are at and who is with you:

  • A tornado warning is sounded while the kids are playing ball at the park.  Does the coach or you know where to go for shelter?
  • A severe weather warning has sounded and you are at home.  Does your kids and you know the safety plan?  Get to the basement, get to the neighbors basement, get to the safest room in the house…?  Bring along shoes if safe to grab before getting to safety, or have an old pair in the basement where you would be. (you may have to climb/walk over lots of debris)
  • You are camping and have a severe weather warning, do you know where to go for shelter?
  • Ensure your family has an up-to-date contact list of people.  Check with the places your family spends a lot of time, school, church, workplace, market sporting events, to see what the plan is if there is a severe weather warning.
  • Prepare/share plans with your family, prepare/share plans with your workplace, prepare/share plans with your neighbors.

Severe weather comes in many different fashions: *Severe Weather (tornado, hail, lightning, heavy rain, floods), *Extreme Heat , *Extreme Cold.

Remember to keep a box or tote of items needed to survive a few days:

Water and non-perishable foods are a must!

If you would like more information please contact 

Naomi Plautz Chief of Police / City Emergency Manager at the Wadena Police Department (218) 631-7700 or

Luke Manderschied Wadena County Emergency Manager at the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office (218) 631-7795