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Hey mister, your slip is showing

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Hey mister, your slip is showing
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What in the world would possess a radio professional, an economic developer, or *gasp* our fair city's own mayor to rifle through their wives' makeup, don ill-fitting women's clothes and adopt alter ego nicknames like "Tess Tosterone" or "Anne Drogenous"?

A good cause, that's what.

Six Wadena area leaders will go feminine for one night only at the Miss Tootsie show on Friday, Jan. 8 at Memorial Auditorium. The show is a fundraiser for the Miss Wadena Scholarship pageant, and the brain child of Bonnie Kingsley, one of that pageant's organizers.

The lineup of "pretty" ladies includes:

• Corey Tabbert as "Ima Vailable"

• Dean Uselman as "Patti O' Furniture"

• John Longie as "Holly Lewya"

• Brian Murdoch as "Anne Drogenous"

• Wayne Wolden as "Ivana B. D'Mare"

• John Gravelle as "Tess Tosterone"

We'd tell you more about each performer, but in this case, that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is easily true, so here are their photos in full gear.

Tickets can be purchased at First National Bank in Wadena and at Mid-Central Federal Savings. All proceeds will benefit the Miss Wadena Scholarship program.