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God shows up for those who look to him

"I lift up my eyes to the hills — where does my help come from?" Psalm 121:1

People expect different things from God. Some view him as a magic lamp to rub when they need a genie; some hang a cross from their keychain for good luck like a rabbit's foot, others never talk to him at all until they need out of a tight fix. These views of God lead to frustration over the 'silence from heaven' this kind of relationship often produces, but the writer of Psalm 121 gives testimony that for those who walk with God, he is never far during times of trouble. When God's people cry out to him, God shows up.

God shows up for those who look to him for help (vs. 1). It's obvious the writer of this psalm had a walk with God that had depth: he looked and depended on God because he knew God, and he recognized nothing was too difficult for the creator of heaven and earth (vs. 2). This doesn't mean a person can make sinful life choices and expect God to bail them out of all consequences of bad decisions, but God listens to those who put him first.

God shows up because he's never inattentive (vs.3) - he doesn't sleep or doze; he guides the steps of our feet in his path as we allow his direction in our lives.

God shows up because he's always on call, regardless of day or night (vs. 5,6). When we fret in our beds during a sleepless night, he is always available for counsel.

God shows up every time - even forevermore (vs. 7,8). God preserves the souls of his children from evil as they fellowship with him in their lives. Although we live in a general condition of sin on this earth, brought about by humanity's introduction, God preserves our soul.

God is a mighty helper to those who live in acknowledgement of his paths; he is always able, never sleeps, is always available, and is always faithful; make him the director of your life.