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Frost last roadblock to Verndale school addition

Contractors working on the Verndale school addition are waiting for frost in the ground to melt so they can begin pouring the floor in the gymnasium according to superintendent Paul Brownlow.

The outer walls, roof and windows in the 29,700-square foot addition are in but doors must wait until floors have been poured.

The gymnasium floor will be done in a single pour. A chemical additive to the concrete will require less water in the concrete. Brownlow has been told that the concrete requires four months to cure properly.

The school addition will also house class rooms, a weight room, locker rooms, storage and administrative offices.

The Verndale school administration is hopeful that the entire addition will be ready for occupancy by the start of the 2014-2015 school year in September. If the gym is not ready for use the school’s existing gymnasium will be available.

“The only part that is going to have an impact on us is the new gym,” Brownlow said.

Brownlow said general contractor R.A. Morton is expected to assign more sub contractors to working in the addition at the same time in order to make up the 3 ½-4 weeks of delays which a brutally cold winter created.