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Fishing The Midwest TV pairs with Whiskey Creek Media

As Fishing The Midwest enters its third decade of television, there will be some changes. Bob Jensen and Mike Frisch selected Whiskey Creek Media to produce 13 episodes for the 2015 season. Jenson and Frisch promise to keep depicting fishing as it really happens, but are excited to team up with an up-and-comer in the world of outdoor media.

Whiskey Creek Media founder and CEO Erik Osberg says this is a "Dream come true! I've been wanted to help produce a fishing show since I was 10 years old. And to be able team up with a well-respected show that has such a rich history is truly an honor."

Jenson and Frisch say they were impressed by Osberg's style of storytelling and his passion for the sport of fishing. "We don't want to get away from what has worked for so many years." says Mike Frisch, "But we are excited to put a new coat of paint on the program. Mike says viewers can expect a 'Faster paced show, with compelling storylines mixed with helpful hints on how to put more fish in the boat.'"

Jensen added, "Our mission on Fishing the Midwest is to create a story about fishing. We

want to introduce our viewers to some of the people that make the fishing world go 'round. We

want to share stories about the good things that are happening in the outdoors. And we want that

to continue."

Fishing The Midwest with currently airs in 11 states and reaches over 9 million viewers. Whiskey

Creek Media is headquartered in Wadena, Minnesota and specializes in creating outdoor related

content, including video and photography.