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Fine social contacts characterize Wadena community life

Lina Belar, Interim Executive Director, Wadena County Hisotrical Society

Wadena is a village of fine and cordial social contacts. The people are justly famed for their hospitality, cordiality and lack of pretension. Social life in Wadena is by no means meager nor narrow. Many pleasant gatherings in church and lodge circles contribute much to the general joyousness, while through other agencies one may find much pleasure, mental benefit and relief from possible monotony and boredom.

The close, harmonious and cordial association among the people is a potent factor in elevating the general social status and in keeping Wadena a most desirable place in which to live, to improve, and to get the greatest possible pleasure and profit out of life.

There are several bridge clubs, among them the Monday Bridge Club and the Del-Ta-Dek Bridge Club, both of which organizations meet regularly. Among the noteworthy agencies making for more than ideal community life in Wadena is the Twentieth Century Club. This club has been in existence for many years. While primarily a study club, nevertheless the Twentieth Century Club does not limit its scope to study alone. It aids and assists the public library and has stimulated interest in various worthy movements. One instance of this was the action of the club in offering a prize for the best essay on "Conservation". This club is affiliated with both the state and county Federations of Women's Clubs.

The P.E.O. Sisterhood is part of a national organization. It is not only social but otherwise helpful, its principal aim being to afford means and opportunity for girls to get an education.

From the Wadena Pioneer Journal December 15, 1927 compiled by Robert C. Zosel. Lina Belar is the interim executive director of the Wadena County Historical Society.