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They were the perfect pair of heels for a fun summer night out with my favorite girls!

DIY Wedding Shoes

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DIY Wedding Shoes
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Customized, glittered, and crystallized wedding shoes are all the rage. Google "DIY Wedding Shoes" and you will find gorgeous shoes adorned with Swarovski crystals or glitter, all done by some superb DIY brides.

I can't let an opportunity to make something with glitter or crystals (Look! A SPARKLY THING!) go to waste -- I had to try both versions for my fall 2011 wedding.

For my bachelorette party, I was dying to try some glitter heels. I bought a pair of black patent peep-toes that looked barely worn from the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Thrift Store, for $2.99 (I LOVE a thrift store deal!). I already had mod-podge and glitter. All you do is mix the two together and literally paint your shoe (since I was working with a slippery patent surface, I scuffed it up a bit first with sandpaper). You can do multiple coats -- just let it dry in between -- to get the coverage you need.

They were the perfect pair of heels for a fun summer night out with my favorite girls!

For my wedding shoes, I was already going non-traditional with purple heels, but I just had to try some bling! This was my first time using a hotfix crystal tool and I highly recommend buying one if you want to venture into the world of bedazzling. A lot of tutorials out there tell you to use E-6000 glue to adhere crystals to your shoe, but in my opinion that's a huge mess.

I bought Jolee's Jewels hotfix tool from Michael's. To use this tool, you also have to purchase some hotfix crystals (they have a special glue on the back that is heat-activated) -- mine were 3mm size. It's a rather simple process to use this tool, but you can use a YouTube tutorial like this one to see how it's done.

I penciled on my "I DO" letters onto the bottom of my shoe, then attached one crystal at a time. I was done in under 5 minutes. I couldn't let my new "talent" go to I added more crystals to the heel! I must have had a crazed look in my eyes when I asked Jeff if I could bling the whole shoe...he gently talked me down from the ledge. He also asked, "Who will even know that's there?" I paused....and said, "I will. And everyone who sees my Facebook post about this." I'm still incredibly in love with them and wish I had another opportunity to wear them.