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Club Electric Chapel haven for teens

Club Electric Chapel is run by General Manager Cody Bain, from left, Promoter Shane Motschenbacher and General Manager Antonio St. Marie.

The secret’s out on the new teen dance club.  Club Electric Chapel, which opened in late 2012, has become a popular hangout for the under-21 crowd.  

General Managers Cody Bain and Antonio St. Marie opened Club Electric Chapel’s doors to provide a safe, drama-free place for teens to hang out and dance.  Originally planned to be a recording studio, Bain and St. Marie worked with owner Dave Evert to convert the enormous space above An Open Book into a safe haven for teens to dance and listen to good music. 

Wadena doesn’t have many places that teens can, and want, to hang out.  Club Electric Chapel provides a safe, drug and alcohol-free option. 

Currently the club is open approximately once a month for teen dances, usually around holidays.  In addition to the dances, the club also holds open mic nights, rap battles and DJ throw downs to support local artists trying to break into the music industry. 

The club is open until 1 a.m. and is described as giving performers of all kinds a place to let their creativity run wild, while knowing it is a safe environment to do so. The Chapel is a new idea that gets back to the basics of having fun.

“It is a new concept, encompassing a generation that will be taking over in the near future. It’s helping to give back for young talented musicians and producers, along with providing a safe and clean environment in order to do so” Bain said.

Bain and St. Marie, along with Manager/Promoter Shane Motschenbacher, all deejay at the club. 

Advertising for the club has been strictly word of mouth since its inception.  Each dance averages between 60-80 attendees and growing.  Last Saturday the club held a Halloween dance for teens with performances by local artists Austin Fresh, Ben Jammin’ and Eazy Mac.

Club Electric Chapel is also available for private events such as weddings and birthdays.  The club hosted a private Halloween party for exchange students and their families last weekend.  Bain deejayed the event, playing a mixture of top 40, hip hop, disco and international music.  Bain and St. Marie were excited to host a party for the students.

“Music is a universal language.  Everyone can enjoy it” St. Marie said.

The managers have goals to expand and improve the business.  They would like to convert part of the space into a recording studio for local artists and producers.  They would also like to turn the balcony space into a bar and seating so they can hold over-21 events.  They envision mellower nights for an older crowd with jazz music and catered dinners.

When asked why they chose to open Club Electric Chapel, the answer came readily.

“We do it for love of the music,” Motschenbacher said.