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Christian protestor picketing in Wadena, wants rallies in the park

News Wadena,Minnesota 56482
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Christian protestor picketing in Wadena, wants rallies in the park
Wadena Minnesota 314 S. Jefferson 56482

A Clitherall man wants to hold Christian rallies in a Wadena park and said he would be picketing the Village Emporium in Wadena for past business practices, according to a police report.

On April 5, Ricky Joe Bolinske, 48, approached police and said he planned to have one to three picketers in front of the Village Emporium, which in his estimation "promoted anti-Christian beliefs." He also told Police Chief Bruce Uselman the business had "promoted a theatrical performance in a non-Christian manner in the past" and had "allowed the establishment of a vendor within their mall that had a witchcraft theme or supernatural spirits and demons." Bolinske also said the Village Emporium had "sold items that promoted an anti-Christian theme."

A current business owner at the Village Emporium said she and a local pastor had attempted to talk to Bolinske and invited him inside to mediate their differences, but he repeatedly refused. They explained Bolinske had been one of the tenants of the building who had been forced to leave during a business restructuring at the Village Emporium, and was upset about being kicked out. The pastor told police she thought Bolinske may be more upset with the management of the Village Emporium for kicking him out rather than the current occupants of the building.

Bolinske picketed with a placard that said "No to Demons & Witches" on one side and "Yes to Jesus" on the other side.