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Photo by Rachelle Klemme. Christmas lights and mildly cold temperature reading at Wadena State Bank late Thursday morning are the only clues that this is December in Minnesota.

Brown ground expected to persist

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Brown ground expected to persist
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Why is the weather so nice, after it was predicted to be another blizzard fest like the last two years in a row? Then again, it might not be so nice for people who strongly prefer a white Christmas - or enjoy the bragging rights to tough winters which this year seem to be hitting everywhere but Minnesota.

Brad Hopkins of the National Weather Service in Grand Forks said a brown Christmas is more likely for the Wadena area, with no major snowfalls predicted, and that pattern is likely to hold through the new year.

"The pattern is basically what we call a split flow where you get energy well to the north and well to the south, and everybody else is getting storms but us," Hopkins said.

The NWS-Grand Forks web page has an article called "What Happened To Our La Nina?" explaining the unusually warm and dry Christmas season.

"Right now we're not really looking for a white Christmas. In fact, we're looking at near record warmth right around Christmas. It's going to continue to be dry at least into January," he said, adding that afterwards, it should be about a normal winter in terms of precipitation and temperature.

The website defines a brown Christmas as having less than an inch of snow on the ground.