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Photos by Sara Hacking Volunteers Mike Johnson and Bill Opheim carry one of the pipes used to support the decking for the "bog walk." Both men are 3-M retirees.

Bog walk

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Volunteers installed more than 100 feet of additional decking to the "bog walk" at Old Wadena County Park Tuesday.

Old Wadena Society members, retired 3-M employees, local FFA members and other volunteers are constructing the walk through a wetland in the park.


"This will be an educational experience for those who come to Old Wadena Park," said Tom Kajer, a member of Old Wadena Society. "We'll have learning stations when all of this is finished."

The learning stations will provide information about some of the native grasses and plants and the biology of the fragile wetland ecosystem. The walk will extend 750 feet when it is finished and will meet with a trail on the other side of the wetland.

The walk is made from donated decks given by people from places like Lake Alexander, Thunder Lake, the Brainerd area and up by Nevis, Kajer said. Volunteers held weekly work sessions for about six weeks on Mike Johnson's farm to assemble each section of the decking they added Tuesday.

Tuesday's installation was the third time this fall volunteers have tried to install the decking. The first was canceled because the water was too high and the second was rained out. The wetland was not too wet with some frozen spots on Tuesday.

Kajer expects most of the walk to be installed next year, but it probably won't be complete until the following year.

Those interested in donating steel dock frames for the wetland walk can contact Kajer at (218) 894-2906.