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Annual nuisance inspections are imminent

Wadena Chief of Police Naomi Plautz would like to remind residents that the City of Wadena will once again be conducting their annual spring inspections of properties in the City of Wadena. Those property owners that maintain or permit a public nuisance on their property will be notified by mail explaining their violation of the city ordinance.

Public Nuisance is summarized as:

  • Maintains or permits a condition which unreasonably annoys, injures, or endangers the safety, health, morals, comfort, or repose of the public or a considerable number of members of the public;

  • Exposed accumulation of decayed or unwholesome food or vegetable matter; garbage cans, “dumpers” which are not rodent-free or fly-tight or which are so maintained as to constitute a health hazard or to emit foul and disagreeable odors; All ponds or pools of stagnant water;

  • Accumulations of manure, refuse, or other debris, or any weeds, brush or plants or any accumulations of grass, leaves or tree branches which are a fire hazard or otherwise detrimental to the health or appearance of a neighborhood, located on public or private property, provided, however, grass or leaves if they are neat, orderly and kept contained for the purpose of creating organic matter.  

  • All buildings, walls, and other structures which have been damaged by fire, decay or otherwise to an extent exceeding one-half their market value, and which are so situated as to endanger the safety of the public;

  • All dangerous, unguarded machinery, all junked, abandoned or unlicensed automobiles in any public place, or so situated or operated on private property as to attract and endanger the public, appliances,

  • It is unlawful for the occupant of any premises, or if the premises are vacant and unoccupied, then the owner, to maintain on his/her premises any wood pile or structure in which wood is stored, infested with rats, rodents or vermin, unless cut to stove length and stacked in a neat and orderly manner.

Garage/Yard Sale signs, advertising signs, or any sign in general – city code section 11.20 subdivision 11.  Signs may not be place upon sidewalks, boulevards, or any other public “right-of-way” in the City of Wadena.  When choosing placement you must get permission from the property owner prior to placing your sign on their property, and it cannot obstruct the view of drivers when traveling upon streets.  

Please check online at the City Of Wadena website and refer to City Ordinance “10.40 Public Nuisance” for full details and definitions.  On the main page click City Government, then go down to City Code.  From there either click on 'Sign Ordinance' or click on 'City Code - All Ordinances'  If you want Public Nuisance then go to Section 10.40 / or page 347. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in this cooperative effort in keeping Wadena safe and a clean community for us all.