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Council: who should pay for street signage?

A tie vote by the Wadena City Council led to members tabling a decision on whether to change a one-way street to a two-way street.

Fourth Street southwest was made into a one-way street when high school students relocated to temporary classroom space at M State and the elementary school after a June 2010 tornado tore through Wadena.

Public Works Director Ron Bucholz said there was an extra cost of switching back the signs and striping.

Councilman Toby Pierce said the city paid to switch the street in 2010 for the high school's convenience, and this time around, "the school should do it."

Council Member Kay Browne said the next time a situation like this comes up, the city should consider future street changes ahead of time.

Pierce made a motion to restore the street to the way it was before the tornado, with the school district to pay the cost of the project.

Pierce and Council Member Jeanette Baymler voted in favor, and Council Members Browne and Don Niles voted against.

Mayor Wayne Wolden abstained because he is employed with M State.

City Administrator Brad Swenson said since there was no majority, they would just have to leave the issue for now.