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Your Letters: Customers deserve coffee

I'm writing this letter for all those customers that have been waiting patiently for the coffee maker (Bunn) at Wal-Mart to get fixed or replaced. It has been out for about three weeks and for the second time this has happened.

Believe me, for as huge as Wal-Mart is this is unforgivable as many elderly customers sit and have coffee and socialize while the spouse or whomever takes them shopping is with the cart buying their groceries. I have a Bunn coffee maker in my home and if I encountered break downs like the one at Wal-Mart either the manufacturer would fix it within a reasonable amount of time or replace it. This is inexcusable for Wal-Mart and your customers deserve better than this. Your customers are the reason you exist in Wadena. One customer told me before he came to Wal-Mart he stopped at McDonald's to fill his coffee cup. This is shameful!

Pauline Lease