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WDC board approves hiring new business management team

Nancy Raimler and Judy Clare of Central Minnesota Education Research and Development Council (CM-ERDC) were on hand Tuesday night to put a face on the new business management team that will assist District 2155 in the future.

The board approved hiring the St. Cloud-based operation to take over most of the duties performed by retiring business manager Jerry Anderson.

Raimler and Clare will be joined by Tracey Fiereck.

CM-ERDC is a joint powers organization of 75 school districts in central Minnesota. They work with more than 100 databases and 50 K-12 districts.

Anderson gave CM-ERDC a strong endorsement.

"We have done business with the CM-ERDC way beyond the time I have worked for the district which has been 18 years. They've been very helpful," Anderson said. "I have been very pleased with what they have provided us through the years."

WDC Superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom wants to put the district's personnel files online so they are all digital and also do board packets and at some point, student records.

"Some of these things we're going to start July 1 when the new academic school year starts but many of these things like the personnel files we'll be starting right away," she said.

Anderson started as a full-time employee of the district but went part-time in 2007 due to budget cuts.

Board member Ann Pate asked Raimler how many hours that her organization will be in Wadena during an average work week.

"When we need to be here, we'll be here," said Raimler. "When you are in your budgeting cycle it may be best that we're here. We're you're doing the levy I think that would be a time that somebody needs to be here."

Raimler said the number of hours her group puts in will vary on the week and where we are in the school year.

"In some weeks will be putting in a lot more hours and there may be some weeks that we don't have to do much work at all," Raimler said.

"I think this would be a wonderful trial for us to do for the next few months and see if it works for us," Dahlstrom said.

Dahlstrom asked for Anderson's help as a consultant for a few months to help during the transitional period.