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County board handles additional business

At its Feb. 7 meeting, the Wadena County Board handled the following business aside from its negotiations with department heads.

The board heard other personnel matters, this time brought to the board by County Engineer Ryan Odden.

Odden requested that the board approve a new job description for an administrative technician at Grade 50, Step 6, for a female worker in the Highway Department. After discussion, the board approved the job description at Grade 50, Step 5 instead of Step 6. This resulted in a pay increase of $1,268 for the employee with her new responsibilities.

Next, Odden requested that an employee be promoted from Civil Technician I to Civil Technican II, which involved a two-grade increase from Grade 51, step 4, to Grade 53, step 4, for a male worker. This change as presented would have resulted in a pay increase of $6,427. After discussion, the board approved a change from Grade 51 to Grade 53, but at step 2 instead of step 4. This change resulted in a pay increase of $3,120.

In other business, the board:

• approved an agreement with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to transfer from the state to the county a 10.68 mile stretch of TH 227 in April 2012, which comes with about $7 million in road upgrades and improvements.

• approved payment in advance from the GIS Department to Rockford Maps for new county plat books.

• approved the drafting of a contract for a new set of aerial photographs of the county, to be completed in the spring of 2012, for about $24,500.

• agreed to help seek a replacement member on the Wadena County Parks Board for the late Jim White, who will be greatly missed.

• approved a resolution adding three more deficient bridges to the county's list on the Minnesota State Bridge Roster, and agreeing to proceed with replacement or rehabilitation of the bridges as soon as possible when State Transportation Bond Funds are available.

• voted to accept, with regret, the resignations of Administrative Assistant Jean Birch and Jailer-Dispatcher Tom Aagard from the Sheriff's Department.

• approved the posting and/or advertising of the two soon-to-be-vacant positions in the Sheriff's Department.

The next meeting date for the county board was changed from Feb. 23 to Feb. 24, at 9 a.m. at the Courthouse.