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It's a new bookstore at M State - Wadena

The theme of new beginnings was the inspiration for Aryn Ladd, the Staples-Motley High School junior who submitted the winning name for the new bookstore at M State - Wadena.

Ladd's winning idea was "Chapter One," which was selected from 91 submissions from college faculty, staff and students. As a high school student taking college classes through the Post Secondary Enrollment Option program, Ladd said she realized that college enrollment for many students signifies "the first chapter of their new lives."

Ladd's inspiration was rewarded with a $100 gift certificate to Chapter One, which she spent on M State apparel. Her college plans include eventual enrollment at Baylor University in her home state of Texas and a career that involves traveling and providing medical care to victims of natural disasters.

Chapter One is open from 7:50 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily and is open to the public.