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St. Ann's kids learn about hats, baking

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St. Ann's Catholic School kindergarten and first-grade students in Shelly Steffens' classroom spent a morning designing their own chef hats at Ben Franklins Crafts. Owner Cindy McCullough showed the students all the different items they could decorate their chef hats with which included markers, foam letters and characters, gems, and other craft items. The students then proceeded to the Wadena Bakery wearing their chef hats where they were given a tour of the bakery by owner Deb Juers. They were shown the dough mixer, a machine that rolls and flattens the dough, a proofer machine that steams and rises the dough, the ovens and they were also shown how a loaf of bread gets sliced. Steffens' students have been learning careers and services in our community.