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Cozy 3D

T.J. Hopland of Bright Star Systems in Minneapolis installs an NEC 3-Chip DLP 20,000 Lumen Digital Projector at Wadena's Cozy Theater.1 / 2
Cozy Theater owner Dave Quincer models a pair of Dobley 3-D glasses2 / 2

Get ready for a new experience -- there is going to be a new way of watching movies in Wadena beginning Friday.

Cozy Theater goers will be issued 3-D glasses when the popular downtown Wadena movie house shows Shrek Forever After.

The installation of an NEC 3-Chip DLP 20,000 Lumen Digital Projector began Friday and continued Monday at the venerable Cozy, which has been showing pictures with a projector that has parts dating back to the 1930s.

Three-dimensional movies were an interesting fad in the 1950s but when the rage died it was not reborn again until the 1980s. The first 3-D glasses were made of paper. The Cozy will be issuing real glasses that cost the theater $17 apiece will have to be turned in by patrons after each show. The Cozy will have 500 pair of these 3-D (three dimensional) glasses available. After being used, they will be cleaned in a special washing machine and re-issued.

Quincer cautioned theater goers that bringing their own 3D glasses will not work.

"These movies won't work with any other kind of glasses than Dolbys," Quincer said.

The cost to the Cozy is in the six-figure range and while 3-D represents the future, the move is basically economic.

"Hollywood is getting away from 35 millimeter film and going to digital," Quincer said. "We're replacing equipment that is working fine."

While the 3-D age has arrived, regular projectors will also be used in showing films at the Cozy.